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Izulu Orphan Projects welcomes generous gumboot donation

Wayne, the largest manufacturer of PVC and PU Gumboots in South Africa, recently donated 1265 pairs of gumboots to Izulu Orphan Projects based in Zululand. As a member of the BBF Safety Group, Wayne contributes to a number of socio-economic investment projects on an annual basis. Vanessa Ronald, BBF Senior Brand Manager explains, “We feel […]

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mining safety boots

Great mining inventions that revolutionised the industry

From the very start of mining, innovation has been a constant part of the industry. Through the ages, the industry has seen many inventions that have changed mine processes and safety precautions the world over. Ranging from PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) like mining safety boots, to more advanced machinery like mechanical hoists and ventilation systems, […]

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What to look for when choosing a new pair of gumboots

Choosing a new pair of safety gumboots is harder than you might think. They’re a must for workplace protection, so choosing the right pair could be the difference between safety and costly accidents. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a new pair of safety gumboots. Cheaper’s false economy Where protection and livelihood […]

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chemical resistance boots

Commonly encountered chemicals in industry

Working in industrial professions comes with certain hazards. Whilst some may see these as the obvious ones like heights, heavy machinery and harsh conditions, the less evident ones sometimes pose the greatest risk to human health. The chemicals used in industrial applications are vast and have dangerous side effects when exposed to them. Whilst chemical […]

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mining gumboots

South Africa’s most famous mines

The mining industry in South Africa shaped the country’s future and greatly influenced mining across the continent of Africa. It also made way for innovation in the realm of industrial apparatus like tools and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as mining gumboots. Whether it’s gold, platinum, palladium, iron ore, diamonds or coal, South Africa has […]

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PVC Boots

The many uses for PVC

Standing for polyvinyl chloride, PVC is a man-man substance used the world over to manufacture some of our most important goods. Its versatility means that it can be used in a wide range of finished products, some of which are quite surprising. We have highlighted some of uses for PVC below and you may be […]

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PVC or PU gumboots?

PVC gumboots are a popular choice because they are economical, dependable and provide protection against a wide range of acids, oils and chemicals. However, Wayne’s range of premium Polyurethane (PU) gumboots are fast becoming a contender – with good reason. The range of PU gumboots can last up to 3 times longer than PVC boots, […]

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