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Potential hazards in the mining industry


Potential hazards in the mining industry

It’s no secret that the mining industry is known for its risks. Above or below ground, protection is key but when you’ve got a job to do, it’s hard to stay alert and remain mindful of potential hazards.

Wayne are always looking out for you, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of situations in the mining industry that pose a risk to your protection when you’re hard at work:

heavy duty safety boots
  1. Uneven work surfaces. These may seem like an insignificant threat, but they are often the cause of falls and related injuries. From cuts and scrapes to sprains and broken bones, it’s vital to ensure that you’re wearing a pair of protective footwear that can help you keep your footing. Heavy duty safety boots are a must for mining environments. Look out for ones with cleated soles for a good grip while you work.
  2. Falling objects and rubble. When it comes to the mining industry, the presence of falling debris is pretty much unavoidable. All you can do to limit the impact of this is wear the right protective headgear. Look out for hard hats that include LED lamps to lessen your risk of falling in the dark and sustaining injuries.
  3. Chemical leakage. This one is particularly prevalent when you consider the amounts of chemicals used on a daily basis in the mining industry. Spills are common, so you should always be wearing the correct safety clothing in line with mining regulations. Again, a good pair of heavy duty safety boots will protect your feet against harsh acids, chemicals and solvents.
  4. Eye dangers. These range from chemical splatters to debris shrapnel and can cause eye irritations, scratched corneas and in extreme cases, even blindness. You can prevent such injuries by investing in a pair of good quality safety glasses. The standards of such protective eyewear have been given a boost in more recent times to include features such as fog resistance and anti-abrasion lenses.
  5. Gas leaks, explosions and loud noises. Good ventilation of work areas can prevent pockets of dangerous gasses from collecting and exploding. Gas levels must also be monitored at all times and should they become a risk, all areas should be evacuated until the risk has cleared. Of course explosions related to gas leaks can cause major injuries and even fatalities, but loud noises from such occurrences or even the operating of heavy machinery can cause serious long-term damage to your eardrums. This can be prevented through the use of earplugs. It’s an economical solution that provides invaluable protection!

Wayne strives to ensure the protection of every individual in industry. One of the ways we do this is through a reliable Heavy Duty range of safety boots for construction, mining and manufacturing. For more information on our Heavy Duty range, please visit our website www.wayne-safety.com.

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