6 Ways Gumboots Protect Your Feet


6 Ways Gumboots Protect Your Feet

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Find out more about how safety footwear can prevent injury in tough workplace conditions

Safety rubber boots are essential to prevent foot injuries amongst workers in industries such as mining, general purpose, food processing, and hygiene, agriculture and forestry. Such injuries can be debilitating and costly. In some cases, severe injuries may even put an end to many careers. While there are a number of ways you can prevent foot injuries in the workplace, the most effective starting point is the right pair of safety footwear.

Wayne’s gumboots are known for their versatility across many different industry applications. Whether you know them as PVC gumboots, PU gumboots, or safety rubber boots, Wayne’s boots have been specially designed to protect your feet in tough workplace conditions. Durable, comfortable, and reliable, Wayne’s boots are engineered to optimise safety and prevent foot injury by providing the following protections:

  1. Protection from falling objects
    In busy working environments where many people, vehicles and machines are in simultaneous operation, falling objects can be a common hazard.
  2. Protection from sharp objects
    In an industry like mining and agriculture and forestry, soft-soled shoes may be insufficient in protecting workers’ feet from sharp objects on the ground.
  3. Prevention of slipping, tripping and falling
    Due to their extra traction, Wayne’s safety boots help to prevent unnecessary tumbles. Especially where liquids and solvents are involved.
  4. Protection from dangerous substances
    Safety boots made from durable materials such as PVC and PU can help prevent burns from chemical splashes and other dangerous substances in mining, agriculture and forestry, hygiene and general applications.
  5. Protection from cold and wet conditions
    People working in very cold conditions whether outside or in refrigerated environments inside, need to ensure that their feet are sufficiently insulated.
  6. Prevention of fatigue
    Employees are more likely to avoid injuries when they are alert and can concentrate on doing their jobs more safely and effectively. Wayne’s safety boots offer contour moulded cushion insoles that reduce fatigue for the long hours spent by workers on their feet.

These benefits and more have made Wayne a popular choice when it comes to the selection of safety boots. Improving our offerings to our customers is key and we do our best to stay abreast of trends in the realm of safety footwear. More recently Wayne attended the Eston Farmers’ Show and Agri Mega Week to gain more insight into the latest happenings in the agriculture and forestry world. It’s just another way we do our very best for our customers and the safety of their workers.

Safety is our main priority. To find out more about our safety footwear ranges, visit us at www.wayne-safety.com or give us a call on +27 11 671 0200.


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