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Rubber gumboots

Interesting facts about rubber

The popular manufacturing staple, rubber, forms the basis of a host of products found in our homes and the work place. The first documented use of rubber was by the Olmecs, who formed part of the Aztecs. They boiled latex from the Hevea Brasiliensis (rubber) tree to form a ball that they could use to […]

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chemical resistant boots

Medical industry hazards: What you should know

The medical industry is full of concerning risks for the safety of those who work in it. With an important job to do on a daily basis, it is important that individuals take into account the various kinds of risk factors that could result in serious illness or injury. Wayne believes that protection should always […]

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Heavy duty safety boots

Potential hazards in the mining industry

It’s no secret that the mining industry is known for its risks. Above or below ground, protection is key but when you’ve got a job to do, it’s hard to stay alert and remain mindful of potential hazards. Wayne are always looking out for you, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of situations in the […]

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food processing gumboots

5 ways to ensure protection in the world of food processing

Working in the food processing sector demands that protection be made a priority. This is not only to lessen the environmental hazards associated with an industrial environment such as food processing, but because of chemical and solvent related risks as well. Wearing food processing gumboots is just one of many ways to ensure protection on […]

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construction gumboots

Staying safe on-site

Proper precautions in the workplace are of vital importance, regardless of what industry you’re in. That being said, each industry has its own unique set of protective requirements, specific to its applications. When construction is concerned, there are several factors that could improve your level of protection. Sure, wearing a pair of construction gumboots is […]

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mining safety boots

How steel toe caps increase safety

“Invented in Germany after the Second World War for workers needing extra precautions, steel toe caps are a dependable protective measure” The latest developments in manufacturing technology have made way for safety gumboots to become a popular option as a protective footwear solution. However, different industries and applications require varied levels of protection. In instances […]

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PU Boots

The benefits of PU boots

At Wayne, we manufacture a range of PVC and PU gumboots that cover multiple applications across a wide range of industries like mining, agriculture and forestry, construction, food processing and hygiene and general use. PU stands for polyurethane and Wayne’s PU boots carry a host of benefits for the buyers and wearers of them: Light […]

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waterproof boots

Why choose waterproof gumboots?

Tough conditions are a common occurrence in many industrial workplaces. When faced with wet, muddy or slippery conditions, wearing waterproof boots is essential to health, safety and well-being. Whether it’s exposure to a few minutes of rain or facing a waterlogged terrain all day, it’s vital to keep feet dry. Not only for safety purposes […]

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The face of Gumboot technology

“Wayne gumboots may not have the Bluetooth or smartphone-charging technology of “smart shoes” but the way in which we make them, makes our gumboots ahead of their time” These days, technology is becoming a greater part of the way we live with electronics being incorporated into every aspect of our lives. Our buying habits have […]

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pvc gumboots

PVC or PU gumboots?

PVC gumboots are a popular choice because they are economical, dependable and provide protection against a wide range of acids, oils and chemicals. However, Wayne’s range of premium Polyurethane (PU) gumboots are fast becoming a contender – with good reason. The range of PU gumboots can last up to 3 times longer than PVC boots, […]

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