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PVC or PU gumboots?


PVC or PU gumboots?

PVC gumboots are a popular choice because they are economical, dependable and provide protection against a wide range of acids, oils and chemicals. However, Wayne’s range of premium Polyurethane (PU) gumboots are fast becoming a contender – with good reason.

The range of PU gumboots can last up to 3 times longer than PVC boots, are lighter in weight and offer greater breathability thereby enhancing the comfort and hygiene factor to the wearer.

Whilst the benefits of PU gumboots are clear in many cases, PVC gumboots do provide greater resistance to the harsher acids, oils and chemicals that are present in some industrial environments.

Before selecting a pair of boots, it is recommended that customers download and view the chemical resistance tables.

PVC Chemical Resistance Table PDF

PU Chemical Resistance Table PDF

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