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Staying safe on-site


Staying safe on-site

construction boots

Proper precautions in the workplace are of vital importance, regardless of what industry you’re in. That being said, each industry has its own unique set of protective requirements, specific to its applications. When construction is concerned, there are several factors that could improve your level of protection. Sure, wearing a pair of construction gumboots is one of them but here are a few others that you may not have considered…

  • Getting on and off of heavy machinery.
    Should you find yourself operating any machinery on-site, the way in which you climb on and off of it could make all the difference. Often, we are in a hurry to get going, so we rush the usual things that we do on a day-to-day basis. By climbing on and off of equipment carefully, you lessen the chance of losing your footing and hurting yourself. This is important as the ground is often uneven and the heights that you could fall from are sometimes significantly high.
  • Don’t skimp on your protection.
    Ensure that you have high quality gear that will prevent many of the risks hat come with your line of work. From eye protection to gloves, earplugs and construction boots, reliable offerings will ensure that you take the correct precautions and aren’t left exposed to workplace risks. Choosing the cheapest options for any of the above often means sacrificing protection. This is not necessary, as there are enough options on the market to ensure affordability and decent quality.
  • Be aware, at all times.
    Although this is often hard to guarantee, staying focussed is a priority to prevent accidents from happening. By being aware of your environment, equipment and fellow workers, you can lessen incidents and the impact of them if they do in fact occur. Should you lose your concentration, you could slip, trip or even drop something, so ensure that you are always alert. Should you feel fatigued and like your concentration is waning, do sit down, drink some water and eat regularly so that you can stay on your game.
  • Be mindful of machinery.
    The malfunctioning of equipment on-site often means injuries and costly repairs or replacements for employers. Make sure that you are up to speed with the functions and characteristics of machinery that you operate. Read the manual and know what warning signs to look for that signifies malfunctioning. Also ensure that you know how to stop it in the event of an emergency situation.
  • Good housekeeping.
    Always keep your work area as tidy as you can and encourage fellow workers to do the same. This prevents the risk of falls over things left lying around. It also prevents the misplacement of items that you need in order to do your job on a daily basis.

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