The face of Gumboot technology


The face of Gumboot technology


“Wayne gumboots may not have the Bluetooth or smartphone-charging technology of “smart shoes” but the way in which we make them, makes our gumboots ahead of their time”

These days, technology is becoming a greater part of the way we live with electronics being incorporated into every aspect of our lives. Our buying habits have changed and seldom do we reach for anything that isn’t termed the “latest and greatest.”

Although you wouldn’t necessarily associate technology with a product like gumboots, we’re here to tell you that at Wayne, it may not be obvious but we put a large amount of technology behind them. This way, we get to manufacture our products to include all of the expected features, and many more!

Gumboots have come a long way since the Duke of Wellington invented them in the early 18th century. They were originally meant to protect cavalrymen who suffered crippling gunshot wounds to the knees while on horseback. Wayne gumboots may not have the Bluetooth or smartphone-charging technology of “smart shoes” but the way in which we make them, makes our gumboots ahead of their time…

9 features of Wayne and our gumboots

  1. Our boots cover a wide range of industries for multiple applications:
    Wayne’s product ranges include Heavy Duty, Food Processing and Hygiene, Agriculture and Forestry and General Applications. This allows us to offer a gumboot for every industrial need.
  2. Protection for wet and muddy conditions:
    Wayne gumboots are made from PVC or PU making them perfect for the repelling of water and mud.
  3. PVC uppers for optimum flexibility:
    On-the-job movement is crucial. That’s why Wayne delivers ease of movement and flexibility through our choice of PVC uppers.
  4. Abrasion resistance:
    We know that knocks and scrapes are an industrial reality. With this in mind, we created all Wayne gumboots with high abrasion resistance to keep them (and you) rolling with the punches.
  5. Lightweight for improved comfort and reduced fatigue:
    Long working hours and harsh conditions are yet another industrial reality. That’s why all Wayne gumboots are crafted to bring as much comfort to the wearer as possible.
  6. Durable protection against fats, oils and chemicals:
    With particular relevance to the Food Processing and Hygiene and Agriculture and Forestry ranges, Wayne gumboots offer a reliable buffer between feet and harsh elements, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.
  7. Quick-drying, easy to clean Nylon liner:
    Hygiene is paramount when working with substances, particularly in the Food Processing and Hygiene industry. Our nylon liners are the perfect fit for gumboots, allowing for ease of cleaning and the promotion of hygienic conditions.
  8. Maximum toe spring for walking and kneeling:
    Again, we recognise the need for freedom of movement. That’s why Wayne gumboots help wearers to put their best foot forward time and time again.
  9. Contour-moulded cushion insoles:
    These increase the level of comfort and reduce the experience of fatigue, keeping comfort a key priority for Wayne.

At Wayne, we believe in putting great technology into the manufacturing of our gumboots. We aim to put as much research and technology into making our gumboots tougher and more durable. Giving you gumboots that you can trust and footwear that really is your symbol of confidence.

To find out more about our range of great gumboots visit our website, or download our catalogue here.

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