Wayne PVC gumboots are built to handle tough situations. However, preventing injury also requires knowing how to handle your PVC gumboots in a dangerous situation. Get to know the extent of your boot’s limits, as well as your own, with the general safety information below.


  • Plasticised PVC may burn in the presence of fire. If exposed it will emit dense Acrid fumes (Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen Chloride) and smoke.
  • Store your gumboots away from sources of heat.
  • In the event of fire evacuate the area and avoid inhaling fumes.
  • All fire extinguishers work on PVC boots.
  • The Hydrogen Chloride given off during combustion is highly corrosive and all equipment surfaces should be cleaned as soon as possible after the fire.


  • Plasticised PVC is non-explosive but can carry static charges which may damage sensitive equipment that has not been adequately earthed. Under certain conditions these static discharges can cause fires.


  • Plasticised PVC will not exude fumes, gases or smoke unless burnt. The inhalation of fumes, gases and smoke should be avoided at all cost, while adequate ventilation should be provided where such risk exists.
  • Individuals who have experienced the effects of inhalation should be moved to fresh air and seek medical assistance.


  • Plasticised PVC is non-reactive. However, molten PVC can cause burns. If this occurs, follow first aid procedures for burns and seek medical assistance.


  • Plasticised PVC is non-reactive unless burnt.
  • Vapours and fumes emitted from burnt PVC boots may cause eye irritation. Wear eye protection where risk of fire exists and ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  • Wash out eyes with clean water if exposed to fumes and vapours.


  • Although compounded PVC is relatively inert it should not be ingested.
  • When working with compounds wash with soap and water before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Should PVC be ingested seek immediate medical advice.


  • Store in a dry area away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and naked flames.
  • Although considered stable, these products should be used with proper stock rotation (first in first out).
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