Safety footwear, such as Wayne’s range of gumboots, is designed to let you work safely in hazardous environments without compromising on comfort. From construction and mining to agriculture and forestry, many workplaces require protection against the common dangers you face every day.

When you’re deciding what level of protection your footwear needs to give you, there are a few things to take into account before making your decision. Foot injuries are a common danger in the workplace, and come in all shapes and sizes – some of which include punctures, lacerations, crushing, sprains and falls.

The benefits of steel toe caps & steel midsoles

A steel toe cap is a part of a safety boot that is usually made up of steel inserted into the boot at the front toe region of the footwear. These inserts enhance the safety of the boot by protecting against toe injuries, most often by falling objects.

A steel midsole is a sheet of steel that is inserted into the sole of the footwear. This delivers anti-penetration puncture-resistant protection, guarding against nails and other sharp hazards that may be present in the workplace.

A safety boot can have a steel toe cap, a steel midsole or both, depending on the dangers present and the level of protection required for the job at hand.

Workplace hazards

First and foremost, you need to identify the hazards you face at your place of work and the level of risk involved. Is there a risk of sharp objects underfoot? Is it possible that a heavy object may inadvertently fall on your foot? If the answer is yes (or even maybe) to either of these questions, you need the right protection to keep you safe.

Whatever the hazard, Wayne has a gumboot to match your needs – from steel toe caps to steel midsoles.

Wayne gumboots with optional steel toe cap

Wayne gumboots with optional steel midsole & steel toe cap


Now that you’ve decided on the level of protection, consider the various benefits of the material type. If you come into contact with anything you don’t want penetrating your footwear, the material type can make a big difference.

Nitrile PVC boots have a higher chemical resistance and are therefore great at guarding against animal oils, slurry, acids and other chemicals; PVC is better suited to resisting disinfectants, chemicals, animal and vegetable oils, greasy substances and acids. Polyurethane boots, like the Wayne Pure Max, are lightweight, flexible and last up to three times longer than PVC. PU boots will protect against oils, grease, slurry, acids and chemicals.

All these materials provide the same level of comfort and flexibility.


Seeing as your boots are going to be what stand between you and potentially serious injury, it’s wise to choose boots that have been made according to recognised international standards. At Wayne, we are dedicated to designing and creating world-class gumboots that meet global quality and performance standards, while exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Explore our wide range of superior quality safety gumboots here and find the right boots for you.