Over the years, Wayne has worked on reducing our carbon footprint in line with our objective of sustainability, and today we produce 35% of all our gumboots from recycled materials. Our Duralight 1 is well-recognised in various agricultural sectors, incorporating a mix of virgin and recycled PVC that results in a superior, yet cost-effective, recycled gumboot upon which our customers can rely.

Wayne Gumboots is a proudly South Africa company, contributing positively to our economy, employment and to the communities we service. As part of our dedication to eco-sustainability and our commitment to looking after the communities in which we work, Wayne is always looking for new ways to contribute to the protection of our environment. So when we heard that the good people at Plastics SA needed some gumboots for their Clean-Up & Recycle SA Week, we jumped at the opportunity to lend a helping hand.

The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) represents the local PVC industry and is a member of Plastics SA. One of SAVA’s missions is to show people that plastics are a valuable part of modern life, but that they should not be seen in the environment or end up in rivers, streams or oceans.

As such, they supported and contributed to the Plastics SA Sustainability Council’s annual Clean-Up & Recycle SA Week that took place from the 13-15 Sept, as well as the International Coastal Clean-Up Day (18 Sept). As part of this campaign, a new initiative was added to the week’s activities – River Clean-Up Day, which took place on Wednesday, 15 September 2021.

An important component of the initiative being to clean up our nation’s rivers, highlighting a need for good-quality PVC gumboots, to keep the volunteers safe and dry as they clear the riverbanks and water. Wayne Gumboots came to the rescue, donating a number of our superior quality gumboots for the clean-up teams to utilise.

These much-needed gumboots went to the ARMOUR support teams. ARMOUR (Action for Responsible Management of our Rivers) is a Gauteng-based NGO who support and monitor various rivers across the country, with a major focus in Gauteng. They work with other clean-up organisations, such as Jukskei Clean Up, Hennops Revival, Tembisa and more, managing small river clean-up groups.

While the donation was spurred on by the river clean-up, the boots went a long way to benefiting other initiatives, such as Recycling Day (17 Sept), International Coastal Clean-Up Day (18 Sept), World Clean-Up Day (18 Sept), Marine Weeks in October and March, and so much more.

“For Wayne, this initiative is close to our hearts,” says Ndlela Mazibuko, Group Enterprise Manager at BBF Safety Group, “especially given Wayne’s sustainability goals and commitments, with a particular focus on recycling.”